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Host networking events or attend exciting panels at our range of indoor and outdoor event spaces. There’s room to impress for every event - from meetings, photoshoots, workshops to festivals, sports activations, concerts and much more.

Take your event
to the next level

With strategic locations and picturesque views, you can turn your events into unforgettable experiences and put your business on the map.

Operational support

Get the efficiency you need for your event.

Permit support

Get the right advice and support for your event.

F&B venues

Get exclusive access to the many F&B outlets in the surrounding communities.

Parking facilities

Enjoy the convenience of multiple parking spots at each event venue.

Valet services

Valet services available for visitors, with special rates for community members.


Designed for visitors of all abilities, including wheelchair users and People of Determination.

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our spaces?

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